Furniture and decor from the Ukrainian brand
Staritska maysternya really have their own unique personality, as well as a very interesting story. I am Natalya Bulanova,
the author and art-director of Staritska maysternya.

How it all began:
Everything started with the purchase of a country house in the semi-abandoned village Staritske.
Within a radius of 2 km of fields and forests, stunning scenery,
there is a special atmosphere - a lot of silence, sky, air...

Such "zero space" as a white sheet - is ideal for creativity.
I was still working as an interior designer, and at the same time, 
began to work on the creation of the furniture brand

"Staritska maysternya".

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About style and work process

About style:
The objects are very different, of course, there are some common features: laconic forms,sculpture, tactility, natural materials and live textures, handmade.
The combination of perfect and vintage surfaces.
We produce both serial items in limited editions (up to 200 pieces),
as well as collector's pieces (up to 10 pieces)

and individual items in 1 copy. We offer an individual design project for those who want unique items for their interior. We work on the principle of cooperation of designer & independent professionals - the core team consists of 5 people, and up to 20 more craftsmen are involved as needed.
Creation of unique objects from wild and vintage wood
is more sculpture than carpentry. 

Our inspiration is to live an unequal life, respecting nature and combining traditional and modern technologies.     

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Our Clients